Address by General Director

General Director Gennady Litvinenko I.

Dear colleagues!

We,MorTransNiiProekt, a research and design company, welcome you and express our gratitude for paying attention to our website.

MorTransNiiProekt is the successor of best traditions and experience of the State Research and Project Design Institute of Merchant Marine «SOYUZMORNIIPROEKT» of the Ministry of Merchant Marine of the USSR for which our leading specialists worked 2-3 dozen years to have accumulated unique industry experience in science and design.

Today, our team is a mix of weathered professionals and young talents. Our core staff are the 1999 to 2014 graduates from the Moscow State Academy of Water Transport.

MorTransNiiProekt takes pride in having unique competencies and expertise that enable the company to engage in design and scientific activity, implement complex technical solutions under various natural and climatic conditions in Russia and elsewhere.

Our experience combined with innovative technologies ensures high economic efficiency of our design solutions, safety and quality of buildings and structures that we design. We see our mission in expanding the range of our products, permanent quality improvement to make a sizable contribution in the growth of Russia’s economic might.

We design the XXI century seaports

Our motto is - to achieve the highest structural and functional perfection of every design decision.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,
Honorary Worker of the Navy,
Litvinenko Gennady Ivanovich.