Laboratory Simulation of Wave Action and Loads on Marine Structures

We perform laboratory simulation in a 17 m-long ripple tank capable of generating waves 20 cm-high with a max. current speed up to 100 cm/sec.
Equipment used:

  • wave recording gauges «UltraLab», model ULS HF54/58
  • speed transmitters «Vectrino» from Nortek A

Determining wave loads based on numerical hydrodynamic model ihFoam (IH-Cantabria, Universidad de Cantabria, Spain).

Simulated facilities

  • waterfront and beaches;
  • earth dams;
  • breakwaters with all types of slope protection;
  • breakwaters of all types;
  • piled berthing facilities of permeable design;
  • piled berthing facilities with under-berth slopes;
  • solid vertical walls of all types;
  • man-made island-type structures;
  • floating barriers.